Monday, September 22, 2008

quad mini egg

...the pictures were taken with a cheapo camera so not great definition here

-prescription for a guy who s stance is forward; large foot size; more buoyancy than previous board but keeping the maneuverability; to ride waist to OH and a half; better take off than previous board
max dims are: 6 * 20 * 2 5/8
the color work does not looks exactly right in these pictures
the rails are darker and the crazyness have some kind of depth effects that are not showed
also the White pinlines (on the H coat) in the edges of the White foam line that creates a nice depth


Blogger EmmaPeel said...

Buenas Don!

Esta coloradita me encanta =D

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Sebastián said...

Fernando, la tabla te quedó impresionante! Me encanto la pintura y la forma. No veo la hora de tirarme con ella al agua.
Buenisimo laburo loco.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous reverb said... hay como las curvas de las tablas y de las minas; su siempre espontánea Srta Peel

...hey Sebastián, gracias;
lástima que el otro día no me dió el tiempo para mandártela

6:57 PM  

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