Saturday, January 03, 2009

off beat mod

...tapered out fish foil shape; reverse bcrack; flat bottom; flat deck; 60/40s semi full to sharp/hard on tail; more rocker on tail; kick tail (for a fish); 2 in 4 a la speed d fins, front ones with 20/80 foil 1/4 max thickness tapered to tip, 1/4 toe in, 7º cant; back ones tilted half, double foiled, no toe in, all rigids; gloss/speed finish combo
made to fly


Blogger Rob?royal said...


dig it. right out the box thinking.

tail looks super thin in the profile. kinda flexy in mind?

4:44 AM  
Anonymous reverb said...

...hey Rob, that is the foil that normally I make for the fishes

in this case I changed the swallow tail for even more flex

the shape posted before is more out the a prototype You ll see

7:44 AM  
Blogger clayfin said...

butter yellow boards are best, but that tail scares me...

9:20 AM  
Anonymous reverb said...

...scares but flex very good

today a customer told me that he saw the owner, yesterday, flying in a right wall, like he never saw him before

7:10 PM  
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