Friday, February 24, 2012

the ping pong of the theory

...a customer wanted a small, thick and a bit wide board; he brought a template made by him, then I tweaked a bit and only used the last part, for the rest used my curves. Then listened his ideas and evaluate the good ones and discarded the other; applied a bit of theory; shaping the board, showed to the guy, he gave the the board.

-low rocker; gloss/speed finish combo on bottom, gloss on deck. 4WFS fin boxes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you get that swirly effect in the background of several of the photos?

12:44 PM  
Anonymous reverb said...

...with Adobe photoshop

7:23 AM  
Blogger wouter oosting said...

I stumbled across your site once, surfing the surf on the web. Please accept my respect, you make boards like anybody would like to buy them, or make them. I would! great great, is it true you are in brasil? i cannot find a MULCUM, MULCOM surfboards site anywhere.

1:02 AM  
Anonymous reverb said...

...hello Wouter, thanks for your words.
-I think is the same % anywhere in the world; I mean, 75% of the public that buy boards, buy for the right sticker, or the cheapo way, or even for incredible things (included customers who ordered boards from you for years...)then you have the "shapers" problem; big % are "followers" (monkey do what monkey see) even with the "hipsters movement" that you can see a lot there in Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Italy) they copy all what the South California hype sell, no a piece of originality, that by the way comes with time and checking directly on the roots then follow a development no change every couple of years with the current trend...
Try to be a Dojo not a supermarket.

-a very fresh and quality work in glassing is what those young Frenchies are doing; and the guys do not even know what s a board 5 years ago.

-Im not in Brasil.

-All over the years I tried to not have a surfboards site, except this blog, that by the way is one of the firsts with the JP site, etc that still is working, not so fast now, ha ha

8:01 AM  

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