Sunday, October 14, 2012


...this is a Premium density. The lightest you can go with PU; in this case have parabolic stringers, for more controlled flex where the rider is. Also 4wfs 5 plugs set up for total dialing power. Speed finish with gloss on logotypes.

---by the way, still I do not have a solution for the way the system upload the photos; not my way, so I need to do lots of tweaks to have them right...
I´m really tired about that, and is one of the things that maintain me a bit away from here.


Blogger Mick said...

Love that board. You should be having a chat with Jed Done from Bushrat. You remind me of him and he is also a 4 way user. Glad to see things going well apart from with the blog. I'd love to know how you're setting it up as I am not having any probs.

12:10 AM  
Blogger vinilica vegana said...

"reverb said...
...parece ser que las minas luego de conseguir el Amor, dejan de lado los blogs.."

si tu teoría aplica para los chicos puedo decir que hace casi un mes conseguiste el amor...?

7:35 AM  
Blogger reverb said...

...Hello Mick, not too much surfing for me due to still no have the surgery for my shoulder tendon.
Anyway, I do not know about that guy, but may be he s got some of his work on the net? Yes, sure will be cool to chat with him.

-with the photos happens that for some reason the software "detect" that I turned the picture 90º with the photoshop and proceed to re interpret another 90º I need to go again to the desktop do anything with the photo, click ok, then click again and rotate other time to the position that I need; go to blogger and re load again...pain in the arse man.
So you say that you do not have to upload the pictures to a "new" page that now blogger have?


4:50 PM  
Blogger reverb said...

...mujer, lo mío es esporádico pero voy yendo; el tuyo parece haber quedado en el olvido...

ahora voy a hacer click y ver que pasa por ahí

-no, el amor me evade; no tengo el perfil ni la estética necesarios para los tiempos que corren.

4:52 PM  

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