Monday, January 28, 2008


I was thinking that is not so good to have a custom board (with a fin box) with a hardware store I designed a functional and nice to look jewel
the functional part is that you dont need a screwdriver anymore
and you can move the fin IN the water.

-and you obtain a Silver piece of jewellery that has better look than a screw and is stainless of course

the piece has less thickness than all the fins so remains hidden and do not disturb the water flow

-these pieces are made by a jeweller/surfer friend of mine
thats interpreted very good my mumbo jumbo speaking trying to explain the idea behind

thanks Javier!

hope you like it

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pescado rabioso

+SORRY for the lack of post, but the camera providers are out of some custom boards went out without pictures
any way, today a fellow friend shares his pro camera and usb cord to take pict of this fish

thanks Guillermo!

+flat to concave bottom fading out of tail; flat deck; low rocker; 60/40 s semi full to sharp;2 in 4 a la speed d fins

gloss finish
speed finish on tail