Monday, September 22, 2008

quad mini egg

...the pictures were taken with a cheapo camera so not great definition here

-prescription for a guy who s stance is forward; large foot size; more buoyancy than previous board but keeping the maneuverability; to ride waist to OH and a half; better take off than previous board
max dims are: 6 * 20 * 2 5/8
the color work does not looks exactly right in these pictures
the rails are darker and the crazyness have some kind of depth effects that are not showed
also the White pinlines (on the H coat) in the edges of the White foam line that creates a nice depth

Monday, September 15, 2008

pocket worker

...the customer wanted an extra loose board
this board is not a fast one, in an intrinsic way, but a total pocket worker
I did a heavily banana rocker; a flat bottom to an extreme (for what we seeing in most shortboards) V between fins;
the fins have more toe in, double amount of cant, the side ones were moved forward --the guy stance is far forward due to the previous 6´6´´ board and to accommodate the fins regarding the rails--
the fin shape is like the front fins of a speed d combo but a bit bigger due to the surfer weight
have around 36.5 rake, 5/16 max thickness, rigids
the rails are 60/40s to 70/30s
with the color work, the customer said something like: "..shadows in Grey and a bit of swirl in other color with light Yellow on top

Sunday, September 07, 2008

like a stealth

...certain shapes offer better stealth

Monday, September 01, 2008

small wave destroyer thruster

...this 5´6´´ is for a young local hot ripper
Im surprised that the kid ordered a board from me; because, you know, they re more in the surfmags marketing than in the real custom boards plus my boards are not in the cheap range
and the boy didnt have enough money for the total, but really wanted one (the fella knows that I do functional boards not novelty ones..--the productions that I do are only for surfshops--); so I´ m very happy with this order and lowered the price..

-the board: to surf knee to OH and half board (for a guy who rips..) I offered him a thruster or quad version
the customer wanted a loose but drive board and better take off than previous board (a 5´9´´ squash thruster)
the shape has a template with pointy but fuller nose and with all the curve and area between the feet. I put a round pin so there s no need for a hip. It has all the bulk between the stance position and the chest tapered out to nose and tail (see one of the pict) but only in the stringer area, keeping the rails thin. Well, here there re 2 choices; one is this and the other is a flat deck with less bulk in the stringer but fuller rails (to provide the same volume and not lose sensitivity); the guy prefered the first. The rails are 60/40 s to boxy and with and edge all the way to a hard on tail (bottom)
the bottom is flat until chest then a concave with max depth under the stance position fading out behind the sidefins
3 stage rocker: low entry rocker, then somewhat flat then very rockered under back foot
rigids high aspect large side fins, heavily canted, normal toe in. Larger base and height, less tip area, medium thickness, 20/80 foil, less cutaway, 35º rake
the rear fin is 3/8 smaller (overall) but with more cutaway
the side ones are closer to the rear fin so act together every time (there s enough space to avoid too much turbulence) but not closer each other

- glass is Aerialite 2 x 4oz on the deck and 1 on the bottom, speed finish coat, 10 % lighter PU
with the color the customer said me something like Blue around middle and plenty of Red and a couple of Black lines
some shadows (like Magenta to Red and Violet to Blue) do not show well in the pictures