Wednesday, April 23, 2008


-this fish sports a tapered foil to the tail, aka: most bulk in the chest/front foot area; more rocker in the nose than normal; 60/40 s semi full rails to boxy on the tail, tucked under all the way to the sweet spot then hard; pointy nose; flat deck; flat to slight concave bottom; 2 in 4 fins speed dialer type
2 4 oz Aerialite fiberglass layers on top, 1 in the bottom; gloss/speed finish combo
the buttcrack was reinforced with 5 more layers
Violet color sprayed onto the foam, sky Blue tapered pinlines on the resin

for a 75 Kg/1.76 tall, rider
intended to be the daily board
--this one goes to Spain

Saturday, April 19, 2008

logotypes lamination

-you know that from time to time I post some steps of the building process
good for the non surfers who enter here and/or surfers who like to see some of the craft

-in the bottom the logo is laminated directly on the foam
-in the deck is between the fiber glass layers
-sometimes when you do other type of lamination, like tints or pigments, the logos are laminated after the main lamination.

--ESPAÑOL: en el fondo, el logo es laminado directamente en el foam (en la espuma de PU)
en la parte superior, entre las telas de fibra de vidrio
con otros tipos de laminados, como lcon os entintados o con los colores sólidos con pigmentos, los logos se laminan luego de la laminación principal

laminación: estratificado o pegado de la/s telas de fibra al PU con resina

Monday, April 14, 2008


-I finished this board few days ago, but not until now that I just found a decent camera..

5´9´´ thruster with plenty of meat all along the stringer and domed deck; flat to concave under stand up position, then flat; semiegg rails and tucked edged; moderate entry rocker, + in the tail;
FOAM/FIBER fins (the fins sports: good base area and narrow tip, 35º raked, 25/80 flatted foil) ; speed finish coat
color on the foam

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

foam/fiber fins

foam core; fiberglass/resin perimeter
-almost 3 times less of the weight of a fiberglass fin
and most important, its have buoyancy

Thursday, April 03, 2008

hot thruster board

-I do these hot ones in 6´ only
I found a functional planshape (that fit in 6´) for surfers between 70-77 Kg who want maneuverability but are firmly held in the "normal" type of outlines and a bit of "meat" under the chest area
depends on the surfer, I change mainly the fins (type, area, rake, position)
this one, and the other "hot" that I shaped sports:
-flat or slight concave all the way; semi flat deck; moderate entry rocker, lot of tail rocker; heavy tilted fins; 2 3/8" max thickness in the stringer; WP/3"down; rounded rails mostly, tucked under to hard; super thin tail and nose but keeping the bulk all the way until 3-4" from tail and 8-10" from nose

--this one is waiting for the owner
c mon man pick up the board! I do not have room for storage..