Saturday, April 28, 2007


----now I can post, but I dunno how to use my nickname REVERB for ex to put a comment here or in another blog..(they dont accept my password..)

----I dont have any time to investigate how to do to remove and migrate all these data to another platform
in the meantime here some pict

well, a bunch ´o photos amigos!

10´2´´ small wave cruiser single fin
rolled bottom; 50/50 s rails; low entry rocker to heavy cranked on tail
sport: FOAM/FIBER tailblock; Vintage Hawaiian fabric (I d purchased the last 3 m..) --sadly the pict dont show the "deep" of the interaction between the fabric and the glass--
10´´ fin; 1/4´´, 1/8´´, 1/16´´ pinlines
color: sambayón (kind of pale "antique" yellow) and shades of "coffee with milk" besides the pinlines

3 4oz Aerialite fiberglass on top, 2 4oz in the bottom
gloss coat finish

hope you like it!
better in real than in pict

Sunday, April 22, 2007


well, dudes n dudettes

after checking other posibilities (some are better, but I do not know how to migrate my data..)
I get back
but now I have a problem
cause I log in with other account, so the stupid blogspot put my blog in THAT account
so, now here I am with my nickname REVERB in other blog too + 568 profile views (from the other blog) instead of near 2000 of mine + no profile info (cause the blogger consider the other blog info only..) and if I put again my info, it will be showed in the other blog

I do not want 1 account with several blogs
how can I do to "divide" the stuff?

so, please help me

Sunday, April 08, 2007

white lines

.this time with a "free flowing" thruster
.you know, the water is not complicated...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

siete pies cuatro pulgadas

another egg shape
thruster one. A bit pulled in nose than other eggs that I d shaped
bottom is flat to concave under front foot then fade out to flat. Flat Deck
the rails are somewhat downrails but with tucked edge, hard box in the tail.

.I think that the color work is very different for a Surfboard.
speed finish coat