Tuesday, March 31, 2009

back in the tracks

...in the dôjô again; the palm still hurts if I force it but I can work without problem.
I know that this cut seems stupid but I depend on my hands for the job (Im not here behind the desk counting $ and monitoring what someone do... I do all the steps) and play instruments...
I need the hand "sensors" in perfect conditions so I decided to follow the plastic surgeon advices.

thanks for visiting and new boards soon

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


...well, döjo is not completely open
will be few weeks without post due to suffer a deep cut in my hand
so I cannot work, surf, etc
Im very lucky that no surgical operation is required
only 6 stitches to suture

I ll comment in your blogs, anyway
thanks for still passing by

EDIT: after the stitches and cleaning process, it looks better

-el dojo no está del todo abierto
habrá unas semanas sin post debido a haber sufrido un corte importante en una mano
por lo que no puedo trabajar ni surfear, etc
Tengo suerte de que no hay que operar y solo ha llevado 6 puntos de sutura

gracias por pasar