Monday, July 30, 2007

hot quad

6* 19 (2.5down) *2 3/8
all flat bottom
60/40 s semiegg rails to hard ones; good amount of rocker; all fins are single foiled, back ones are smaller and canted half with regards to the front fins

10 % lighter foam; Aerialite 4 oz glass; speed finish coat

Sunday, July 22, 2007

expanded shortboard

the customer wanted a big board (contemporary thruster) in relation of his biotype
so I used the expanded concept

the basic dim are 6´4´´ * 19 3/4 ´´ (with the WP at 3´´ down) * 2 3/4´´

sports: flat bottom to "V" between fins; flat deck; 60/40 s semi full tucked edged rails to hard; good progressive rocker; big side fins and a bit smaller (in large only) rear one, side fins tilted 6º toed in 1/4´´, 80/20 foil and thinner thickness, I put the rear 1/4´´ forward (cause the back foot) and the side ones more to the rails (to hold. think in the V bottom, the cant and when the surf s up)
more rounded outline in the last 18´´
the shape foil is tapered to the nose and tail, the tail is very thin to the pod (3´´ up)
I d been doing this in all of the boards

-excellent paddling capabilities (area) ; excellent floatation (volume); very good maneuverability for that area (due to the outline; V bottom; tilted fins + rear forward; tail rocker; thinned rails)
fair trimming; good slalom; fair down the line; very good in hold small and medium waves

Friday, July 13, 2007


...for a friend
this is a very different fish..a reckless 5 10 fish
sports: 22" wide, 3" thickness; flat to concave bottom (this is very uncommon) and deep between fins
flat deck; somewhat between down rails and full 60/40 s to sharp on tail; very tapered tail rails (uncommon too) not showed in the pictures..the tail is very thin and provide good flex
more rocker than most fish..and totally different approach on that

the buttcrack is reinforced with 5 x 4oz +
2 x 4oz Aerialite glass on top and 1 in the bottom
foam 10% lighter
Gloss finish and speed finish on bottom (tail)
1/4" resin pinline
1/8 pinlines space fish work

built to loose and fly

-today was the first time in the water and the owner never surfed a fish (he use a bonzer)
---4´ clean conditions in a pointbreak, 30 waves and a superstoked phonecall---

Sunday, July 08, 2007

slim mini egg

----I dont know what happened but the pictures looks terrible..the boards looks better than these shots

I shooted with an Olympus 7.1 megapixels
but in a clouded day
with ISO 1600..also tested the other features like shooting in clouder days, etc
but the pictures were bad----
I d used the same camera for the white board in the other post..and works ok..I dunno

round pin thruster slim mini egg
flat bottom, low entry rocker, good tail rocker and kick tail; 60/40 s semifull rails to hard on tail; flat deck

4 1/2 base x 4 5/8 L, 33º sweep, 20/80 foil Okume Plywood fins. 6º canted and 1/4 toe in.

gloss finish on top, speed finish bottom; 1/16 white pinlines separating the colors and the foam stripe.