Tuesday, May 27, 2008


in this one the customer wanted to replicate other board made for other shaper..
so, the other shaper did a couple more but according to the customer the guy didnt replicate them well..so change for me and this is my try (what a responsability)

well, I tried to do in a similar way..you know the psychological part is very important
but if its was for me, Id changed several things of the board

hope it works

the color scheme is a customer idea
based on "...all have a Buddha inside...and this is the shadow (reflect) of mine..." , in customer s words

Monday, May 19, 2008

slim fit

this longboard has a different silhoutte: slim all the way and without a hip, pulled in nose, not too thin in the tail, low entry rocker, good amount of tail rocker without kick tail
2+1 fin set up wit lots of room between them, main fin has small base and a more vertical rake maintaining the area to the tip (very loose was the intention-see the rocker and type of bottom-), the side bites are thick; 60/40 s rounded rails to hard ones on tail; flat bottom, semi flat deck then flat to tail; 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass on top, 1 in the bottom; speed finish coat
intended to be a mix between a longer-shortboard and a longboard

Monday, May 12, 2008


-the customer more or less said me: "...I want my thruster to turn on a dime.."
more or less I said him: "...you know, you ll ve got several problems; like the intrinsic speed, the projection, ..."
the guy said: "it doesn t matter at all...I want to turn easy and have a loose board...I want early take off too"
I said: "...but..."
he told me: "do it like you know..."
I didnt said nuthin but inside me I knew that I would have a difficult board ahead..

--some of the problems were that the future surfing will be only in a pointbreak
and an specific hot dogger for beachbreaks is not the way to go..
and the guy wanted only a thruster not less than 5´11´´
wanted volume but not a wide board and not too thick rails

--I did: a 5´11´´ with plenty of rocker all the way; flat bottom to V bottom starting easy in front of the side fins the increasing the V between fins, then fading out rear the back fin; I d put more volume in the chest-front foot area(the guy position is forward) and domed deck there then flatten the deck and thinned the tail to compensate..; the side fins are heavy tilted 7º, 1/4 toe in, all fins are rigids, 20/80 foiled, 1/4 max thickness, 33º rake, 1 1/8 from rail; side fins with more tip area, the side fins are bigger than the back fin, also the back fin has other template, the side fins are closer to the back one, I d put the back fin in a normal position but increased the crack in the swallow tail; rails are 60/40 s semi egg tucked under then hard in the tail, starting besides the front fins and not a shaka forward..
I curved the outline near the "sweet spot" to the tail, no kick in the tail but plenty of rocker at 2´ and a 1´ from the tail (so very loose but with big side fins to hold in the point break drop and bottom turn); the nose thickness is not thinned out, but fading out the chest bulk..; normal nose area, not very pointy;
-2 4 oz Aerialite fiberglass on top, 1 layer on the bottom; Blue pinline, speed finish coat, 10% lighter foam

+this board goes to Spain+

Monday, May 05, 2008

white trasher

++++lots of days without new post..sorry
I was in 3 things: 1- final examination (oral) of this year in my tech degree-went badly
-in other Country:
2- stage manager for a friend s rockabilly band in a couple of cities-went good
3- searching for old Triumph bonneville engines-went ok

this board has a pointy outline; softer bottom rail edges; meat in the stringer and domed deck in the middle of the board, so thinned rails, flat deck in the tail area; flat bottom to V bottom between fins, then flat; bigger side fins, smaller back fin
(all: 35º rake, 1/4" max thick, rigid ones, rounded tip -more area-, 30/70 foiled; 5º cant -side fins-); normal entry rocker, heavy rockered in the back foot area fading out to normal rocker in the tail; bulk in the chest area and very thin in the tail area