Saturday, March 31, 2007

small -medium wave destroyer

this thruster have the WP 2.5" down; tail area; pointy nose; all flat bottom; semiflat deck; rails are 60/40s semifull to hard on tail; swallow tail (1.25 crack -to bring the fin to the tail-); medium size fins; lot of rocker; side fins canted 6º pointed to the nose

glass is 2 4oz Aerialite onto deck and 1 4oz on bottom; 3 1/8" white pinlines fade out to the tail; Astral soap celeste color; speed finish coat; semi pro (Orange) Tecc/Surfblanks foam.
very light board
made to performance rip

Tuesday, March 27, 2007



well, this is the case why no one paint the bottom of the boards
and in this board I had a problem that the fin is a foam/fiber one
so I d to rebuild the base too

-never is the same, but aprox

man, I did that cause is one made by me..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

log guy toob rider

I ve been designing this type of shapes for heavy guys (92 Kg) up to 1.80m tall, who want to rides steeper or hollow waves that the longboards (classic, cruisers, tankers) dont perform so well and is very difficult to pass the waves to reach the line up.
so, in the first eyeballing is more for a beach than a pointbreak
even for guys who are not so good paddlers
somewhat a mix between retro and contemporary shape
designed to take the wave earlier than contemporary board (due to the position of the paddler in a) longboard, so have lot of volume (for a 6 6 ) between nose and WP
and to project after a good bottom turn to toob riding or describe slalom down to top faster lines
not intended for a heaviest guy (only if the guy have more than an average surf skills)
not intended also for small or fat wave conditions

specifications: shape- basic measurements are 6´6´´x 21 1/4 (WP) x 3 1/4´´(4"up) the others are very customer specifics.
Retro stuff-First 20" have down rails, slightly rolled bottom big nose, flat deck. Contemporary stuff- single concave all the way, 60/40s full rails to pinched, slightly dome deck near tail

-the outline have a more parallel aproach between the WP and the sweet spot, due to the toob riding
-medium to low rocker overall
-box fin with 1/8" pinline

glass- 3 Aerialite fiberglass 4oz on the deck, 1 4oz bottom. Gloss finish coat
paint and foam resin stain; 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" pinlines

built to blast!
hope you like she

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

more foam

arrived few days ago

Thursday, March 08, 2007

well, here comes again; (due to the fact that I cheat Blogger from time to time..)

with an special 9 footer.
this was designed to fit a not skilled surfer , but good paddler, in a 1´ - 4 ´´ somewhat mushy waves mostly and sometimes better waves
so the guy (lifeguard) rides mostly in a beach "without" waves or with small stormy conditions (you know what I mean) ones.
and he do not wanted a tank...

I made a 9´ x 22 x 3 1/4
the foil is not tapered to the tail, keeping the bulk. for ex. it have 2´´ at 1´ from the tail
the rails are rounded and tucked to hard boxies on tail; single finbox + 2 stabilizers
the bottom start flat then rolled to a little V.
the tail is square and thick

yellow and orange paint color and black 1/4 pinline

the glass is 3 4oz on top and 1 bottom (I like this type of spring, not so rigid, more response; and the guy in this case dont need "momentum", inertia)
gloss finish (that in the pict do not showed well)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

más huevos

Today I can log in so I post this

7´4´´ x 22´´x 3´´ thruster egg shape
sporting: modern rocker; flat bottom, concave in the middle, then flat to the tail; flat deck; 60/40 s rails to hard on tail; removable fins; 2 4oz fiberglass on the deck, 1 on the bottom; black pinline; speed finish coat
very light