Thursday, June 26, 2008

rails few steps of how to do the top part of the rails (+++)
in the first and second pictures you can see one side with a rail "band" and the other kind of 90º yet
several passes with the planer to do one band; then repeating the process in the other side of the board; after that you make a second band besides the first, in both sides, then blend the beveled edges
3 picture shows shallow passes to almost finish the rails with the planer
4 picture shows a closer view. click in the picture to see in detail
then blend everything out with sandpaper and/or sandscreen

+++normally I do the bottom part of the rails first (most good shapers do in that way too)
but sometimes I prefer to start in this way

Saturday, June 21, 2008

taping for color

...showing a bit of masking before starting to paint

Sunday, June 15, 2008

LSD fin

Saturday, June 07, 2008

big boy

big thruster shortboard for a big buy who wanted volume in a "contemporary" shape
flat deck, flat bottom; heavy rockered; big fins (35º rake, 4 3/8 base, 4 1/2 height, rounded big tip, 1/4 base thickness, rigids); 60/40s rounded rails to boxies on tail

Monday, June 02, 2008

other step

fins sanding after glass ons them
well, actually you dont sand the fins; you should sand the Hot coat that is the outer "layer" that you d put and smooth the edges
also round a bit the flat internal face near the edges to prevent or reduce drag, cavitation (working side by side with the rail--talking about design--), etc

lijado de quillas, luego de colocadas
en realidad, uno no lija las quillas; lo que se lija es la última capa puesta de resina, que se llama Hot coat ó filler coat (capa de relleno que se utiliza para no debilitar la o las telas de fibra previamente laminadas-al igual que con el resto de la tabla- cuando se lija para alisar la superficie) y sacar las imperfecciones (alguna hebra de fibra que hubiera quedado) de los bordes
también, redondear un poco los bordes de la cara interna para reducir o prevenir rozamiento, cavitación (trabajando en conjunto con los bordes de la tabla), burbujas