Thursday, July 31, 2008


...a customer sent me these photos of him surfing in Chile (Pichicuy) in a quad previously posted

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

White Falcon

...finished with the roof and glassed some surf shops boards
Also, busy with more mid term exams that will be in a couple of weeks
so very busy, and with not too much time to resize pictures, post, etc
among real others activities (like Surfing, music, motorcycling, reading, chess, designing, etc) that I barely find time to go with them

-a happy customer ordered this board as a back up board for previous one that I posted before
"only" change is that is a hair more thicker between the stringer and the rails (to use in heavy Winter conditions)
bottom is flat to V between side fins fading out to rear of back fin
dome deck; 60/40s thin rails tucked edged all the way to hard on tail; very thin in the last 3" of nose and tail
fins are rigid ones heavily canted with 1/4 toe in, back fin is bigger,
sports White Falcon guitar and Cadillac Limo style 1/8 and 3 /16 Gold sparkle and White pinlines
(the pictures dont clearly show the sparkle)
10% lighter density PU foam; Aerialite 2 x 4 oz fiberglass onto the deck and 1 in the bottom
speed finish coat

Thursday, July 03, 2008


... I have been got problems with the glassing room roof
so I decided to stop and change it
Because of this, there will be a few days without post

I have boards done, but they arent custom orders (they re for surf shops) so dont belong to this blog