Friday, March 28, 2008


this one sports a flat bottom all the way; flat deck; 60/40 s rounded rails to boxy/sharp on tail; low rocker all the way with a bit more under back foot.
has 2 4oz cloth on the deck, 1 on the bottom; gloss finish/speed finish combo; 2 in 4 fins a la speed dialer, but with more tilt
the owner is skinny and tall and wanted a solid platform that still have maneuverability in small fat surf and up to head high; that paddle well and have a good take off

Thursday, March 20, 2008

bonzer type mini egg

shape: mini egg with more pulled in nose; moderate entry rocker, full tail rocker; 60/40 s semirounded rails; the bottom is flat to concave to bonzer channels; lot of bulk in the stringer but domed deck
glass: 2 layers of 4 oz on the deck, 1 bottom; speed finish coat
color design by the customer

Sunday, March 16, 2008

painting a (not) vulgar picture

-airbrush color on the foam
hand painting on the hotcoat. Then gloss to cover
-art in a board by CAT
check her work at:


-----sorry for the lack of post
but I have been very busy (too-much-boards-and-one-man"band" to do all; studying; painting the house, and life of course)
barely have time to find a camera, take picts, resize, post its..